A guy getting detained by police

When you go to jail, your mugshot belongs to the ages. And in today’s world, once you get it taken, it belongs to the Internet. Be sure to make it one worth remembering. Sure the Smoking Gun has more listed, but do you really want to go through all of them and find the best? Just look below. Oh, and yeah, I know I spelled “ever” incorrectly. Hey, like to complain about this? Good.

#21 – My Soul

Stop staring into it!

#20 – Happiness

is a bleeding head. Wait, I screwed up the song.

#19 – LOL WUT

The color palette hates you, dude. As do my retinas.

#18 – Redheads are Crazy

It’s true. That look. The excess teeth in the smile. Scary.

But somehow inviting.


#17 – High head

I’ve seen a lot of jokes about this guy and fornicating with a squirrel. Or of his resemblance to Beavis.

I’m going to take the high road unlike the others and say he was trying to get the smooth on with a small badger.

#16 – Sexy

What’s the word that’s the opposite of that?

#15 – Dunno

what this guy’s doing, but it makes me laugh.

#14 – Truth in Advertising

#13 – Blackface?

Really? You want to wear this when going to the joint?

#12 – The Hair

I was going to make a Something About Mary joke here, but that’s too easy.
Aw, screw it – “hey, this guy looks like Cameron Diaz!”

#11 – The Popped Collar

Remember that no matter how cool you are, you’re not popped collar cool.

#10 – Really?

You are? Wow, and here I thought all those frat boys screaming that while drunk on PBR were really Rick James. Maybe he meant “I’m Rick James’ Bitch”?

#9 – Raccoons

Raccoons with glitter. It’s the end times.

#8 – Painted Face

Huffing is not a joke.


#7 – Woah!

What the hell is that? Get it away from me!

#6 – Looks

“Who farted Y’all?”

#5 – Beardo

This beard is awesome. It totally makes me forget he’s bald.

#4 – Lovely Locks

This guy obviously read AlexandraF’s Guide to keeping your curly hair beautiful.

#3 – Scary

This guy looks like he’s going to be a great little league coach, right honey?

#2 – Caught by Surprise

Really, who doesn’t?

And the #1 Best Mugshot

This guy rules. I don’t care what he did.

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